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Direct Mail Creative: A Tale of Two Mailings — Hot vs. Cold
Direct Mail Creative: A Tale of Two Mailings — Hot vs. Cold
July 24, 2014 From DMIQ TV
Two oversized mailings — one from Highlights for Children and the other from Lincoln — may look like they have lots in common. But a...
Pat Friesen Headshot
7+ Cross-Channel Copywriting Tips to Use IMMEDIATELY!
July 10, 2014 From Who's Mailing What! Report
Last month's Direct Marketing IQ Brunch & Learn webinar "Cross-Channel Copywriting Tips You Can Use NOW!" attracted a motivated crowd of inquisitive writers. Many thanks to those who attended and asked such great questions. What follows are seven questions we didn't have time to answer.
Letter writing
Puh-leeze … Send Me a Letter!
June 26, 2014 From DirectMarketingIQ Insider
I have been scratching my head in astonishment with the receipt of two recent B2B mailings sent to me at the office ... and neither of them included a letter. The one from CBeyond was sent First Class Mail with a tracking number in a card stock 9-1/2" x 12" outer and included an Amazon gift card tipped to a one-sided 4-color insert. The other was from NAC (North American Communications) with a nifty chart outlining the latest 2014 USPS rates. Why is a letter so important?
Brunch & Learn: Cross-Channel Copywriting Tips You Can Use NOW!
June 11, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
What does today's marketing writer need to know to write successful email, direct mail, landing pages, blog posts, space ads, whitepapers and more? Find out during this fast-paced, idea-packed session led by seasoned pro Pat Friesen, who knows how to engage readers and generate sales.  
Here are just...
Brunch & Learn: Direct Mail: 10 Mistakes to Avoid
April 29, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Direct mail is expensive. A single mistake can cost you big time. In this webinar you'll get a high-level look at the 10 avoidable mistakes when using direct mail.
Direct marketing veteran Gary Hennerberg shares his top 10 list of mistakes to avoid in direct mail. For this presentation,...
One of the Greatest Letters Ever Written!
April 17, 2014 From DirectMarketingIQ Insider
In April at Engage — our one-day case study conference for fundraisers — I had a chance to catch up with fundraising expert Tom Gaffny, principal at Tom Gaffny Consulting. We got reminiscing about one of the greatest fundraising letters ever written: the "Dirty Lady" letter. Back in the office, I did a quick search in Who's Mailing What! as I was anxious to re-read this copywriting masterpiece. Hooray! Up it popped!
CRS outer envelope
Testing Equals Success for Catholic Relief Services
March 27, 2014 From Who's Mailing What! Report
When you're trying to "rev up your response," as copywriter Pat Friesen once put it, testing various bells and whistles can make a big difference. That's one of the keys to the success and evolution of the "EMERGENCY APPEAL" package for Catholic Relief Services. It's been in the mail for over seven years, one of over 1,500 Grand Control mailings (in the mail for three years or more) cataloged by Who's Mailing What! Because CRS is the official international humanitarian agency of the U.S. Catholic community, the guardian angel medallion pictured on the front of the #10 carrier (see the first image in the mediaplayer) seems to perfectly represent the secular and sacred nature of the group's mission.
Announcing the Best Beaches
TripAdvisor Tempts With Stunning Images and Fun Lists
March 27, 2014 From Who's Mailing What! Report
This winter has been brutal across most of the country, with repeat snowstorms, chilling winds and record-breaking low temperatures. Travel site TripAdvisor, known for its user-generated reviews, cashed in on the winter doldrums and sent an email with the subject line, "Guess which beach just won #1 in the world?" on March 20, the Spring Equinox.
Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Conference & Expo 2014
March 13, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
The teams at Direct Marketing IQ and Target Marketing are proud to offer the 2014 Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Conference & Expo, now available on-demand until 6/17/14.

Click here today to check it out:

As in years past, sessions explore direct marketing...
Direct Mail Formats That Work (2014 Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Conference Session)
March 13, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at 2014 Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Conference & Expo.

Direct mail and folded format guru Trish Witkowski from will be here to share valuable insight from her nearly 20 years of groundbreaking industry research....
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3 Tips to Deal With the Sticky Business of Direct Mail
February 27, 2014 From Who's Mailing What! Report
Even if you don't write, design or send a lot of direct mail, you need to read this. It's about why you should pay attention to stickiness when creating and mailing formats the USPS requires to be tabbed, wafer sealed spot or (ugh) continuously glued.
Copy and Design Team Up to Create a New Control From Danbury Mint
Copy and Design Team Up to Create a New Control From Danbury Mint
February 27, 2014 From DMIQ TV
"Midnight Spell" — a strand of cultured black pearls offered by Danbury Mint has been around for a few years. But the current 6"x9" black...
Harvard Women's Health Watch
Easy Sell vs. Tough Sell: The Anatomy of Two Direct Mail Controls
February 13, 2014 From Who's Mailing What! Report
When an envelope arrives in the mail, it could be personal correspondence from a friend or relative. Or it could be a piece of direct mail trying to sell you something. In either case, a letter is de rigueur — normal, customary, socially obligatory. I recently reviewed two control mailings from Harvard Women's Health Watch and Learning Strategies. The letter from Harvard Women's Health Watch is textbook correct, whereas the letter from Learning Strategies breaks all the rules.
Banana Republic postcard
Postcard Roundup: The Good, the Bad, and the So-So
January 30, 2014 From Who's Mailing What! Report
Postcards have an important place in the mailbox, and marketers on a tight budget love the 2-sided mailpiece. But not all postcards are created equal. I recently spent 30 minutes scanning some postcards into Who's Mailing What! — our massive library of direct mail and email campaigns — and was able to take a close look at some recent mailings.
Write Everything Right!
Write Everything Right!
January 27, 2014 From Bookstore
Let the world's highest-paid writers show you the secrets of making readers love your: e-mails, letters, memos, blog, ... website and yes, especially your résumé!

Does your writing bore readers? Write Everything Right! will introduce you to the tested and proven attention-getting (and attention-holding) secrets of an elite, anonymous cadre of writers. They earn six and seven figures a year. These are advertising copywriters who have been mobilizing the English language and sending it out to sell for the past 800 years. Their unique skill: copy so powerful and smooth, it's easier to read than to skip.

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Once again, Denny Hatch provides us with sage and proven advice from the trenches. The book is chock full of examples, takeaways, and strategies for making every word more compelling and persuasive. This is easily one of those "top shelf" books you’ll reference time and time again. —Charles Gaudet

I read the book in two days...I couldn't put it down! It is fun reading filled with resources, anecdotes, and although I have an MBA in Marketing, I learned much more from your book than many of my classes. —Basia Christ

This book is guaranteed to help you fine-tune your writing skills whatever you write. Denny's wit and craftsmanship as an experienced writer/author shine through on every page. —Pat Friesen
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