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Direct Marketing IQ is the go-to resource for direct marketers. It opens up a new world for those who seek more information, more ideas and more success stories in order to boost their own marketing efforts. With unparalleled access to direct marketing data — including the world's most complete library of direct mail and email — and expertise from the most experienced editors and practitioners, both your own direct marketing IQ and bottom line will benefit greatly.

Direct Marketing IQ (DMIQ) includes the direct mail and email database Who's Mailing What!, the online marketing bookstore called Direct Marketing IQ Bookstore, reports and ebooks published by DMIQ and our affiliate partners, webinars and virtual shows like Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk, and the weekly enewsletter Who's Mailing What! Report, which examines what's in the mail stream and in email inboxes, and reports on what's working and what's not.

The goal is simple: To help subscribers improve both their direct mail packages and/or email campaigns and their response. It offers case studies of successful direct mail and email campaigns, as well as detailed insight on the trends, tests and controls. Who's Mailing What! Report also includes breakdowns of certain sectors, copywriting and design tips, multichannel strategy, niche reports and premium overviews.

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