The DirectMarketingIQ Team

Peggy Hatch, Publishing Director of Direct Marketing IQ
Peggy Hatch began her direct marketing career as a direct mail freelance copywriter. She co-founded Who's Mailing What! newsletter (recently renamed Who's Mailing What! Report) in 1984 with her husband Denny Hatch. The newsletter was sold to North American Publishing Company in 1992, along with several directories and the Who's Mailing What! Archive service. In mid-April 2013, Who's Mailing What! was relaunched as the world's only database of direct mail, email and social media campaigns.

At North American Publishing Company, Peggy is Group President/Publishing Director of the Target Marketing Group (TMG). In addition to websites and (eM+C), her responsibilities include: Target Marketing magazine; All About ROI: Retail Online Integration magazine (launched as Catalog Success in 1999); FundRaising Success magazine (launched in 2003); as well as many email newsletters, webinars, virtual conferences and multiple paid products.

Peggy is the recipient of The Direct Marketing Club of New York's Silver Apple Award in 2000, "in recognition of 25 years of outstanding contribution to the New York direct marketing community."

Paul Bobnak, Research Director of DirectMarketingIQ
As the head of the Who's Mailing What! Archive since November 1998, Paul Bobnak has read and analyzed thousands of direct mail packages (their offers, copy, designs, incentives and formats) in over 200 industry categories, including publishing, nonprofits, telecom, B-to-B, financial services and retail.

He writes for the enewsletter, Who's Mailing What! Report, and has been a judge in Fundraising Success Magazine's Gold Awards since 2006. If you want to follow Paul on Twitter, his handle is @PaulBobnak.

Melissa Ward, Senior Content Editor of Direct Marketing IQ
Melissa Ward is the Senior Content Editor of Direct Marketing IQ, which is the home of direct marketing research and is part of the Target Marketing Group (which publishes Target Marketing, Fundraising Success, Retail Online Integration and more). 

Melissa oversees the publication of the Who's Mailing What! Report e-newsletter, as well as the creation of publishing products, including special reports (on such topics as email, direct mail and social media), how-to guides (such as mobile marketing, email creative, direct mail response boosters, etc.), and books (soft cover as well as e-books). All of these products appear in the robust Direct Marketing IQ Bookstore.

Cheryl Cagle, Research Analyst of Direct Marketing IQ
Cheryl Cagle compiles data for use in the reports and other segments on Direct Marketing IQ. Cheryl is the database editor for the Directory of Major Mailers & What They Mail and its companion website Major Mailers Online. She also manages the email component of Who’s Mailing What!, which she helped relaunch in mid-April.

Since joining North American Publishing Co. in 1996, Cheryl has been involved in several of the company’s database and directory publishing projects in various industries — i.e., direct mail, television, printing, home furnishings and promotional marketing.

Kathy Kling,  Customer Care Manager of Who’s Mailing What!
Kathy’s chief responsibility is YOU! Kathy spends her time at Who’s Mailing What! assisting our members to ensure they make the most out of their user experience. She helps folks learn about Who’s Mailing What! through guided demos of the service, and answers questions and assists with subscription membership needs.

Kathy has been with NAPCO, parent company of Who’s Mailing What! and Direct Marketing IQ, for 27 years and has been a passionate member of the WMW/DMIQ team for more than 8 years. She prides herself on exemplary customer care and enjoys spending her day talking the ins-and-outs of direct mail and email with our members.

Kathy is here to answer your questions and make your membership experience enriching and … well, downright simple. Give her a call on 800-777-8074 or email her at … she’s waiting!

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