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Spanning the Globe with Google
August 19, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Do you care if your customer is from Detroit or Dubai … Chicago or Copenhagen?  Neither does Google. Online marketing doesn't stop at your front door, town boundary or state lines, so why should it stop at national borders?  In today's connected world, your next customer is just as likely to...
Integrated Marketing Virtual Conference 2014
August 7, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
The teams at Target Marketing and Printing Impressions magazines are proud to present the 2014 Integrated Marketing Virtual Conference, now available on-demand and accessible until November 11, 2014!
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Content, For the Win!
August 7, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
This is just one of the great sessions that's available for free, via the 2014 Integrated Marketing Virtual Conference & Expo - now on-demand until 11/11/14! Read on for more details about this particular webinar, and click below to register for the show on-demand, or to get more information about...
Webinar Express: Web 4.0 – Creating a Highly Personalized Digital Experience
July 21, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Creating a personalized web experience requires a digital strategy that defines your target audience (personas), how they interact with your website (context), and where personalization occurs for the best user experience possible. By showing targeted calls-to-action during the buyers' journey, Ektron customers can increase engagement by 57%, thereby improving lead...
The Email Idea Book - 5 Futuristic Email Tactics you can Implement Today
July 15, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Email was one of the first truly effective online marketing techniques to emerge, and it is still one of the most used and most successful. But it's moving fast, and most email programs are only scratching the surface of possibilities. The tools and techniques available today have allowed top marketers...
Webinar Express: Integration Ignites Inbound Leads for Marketing & Sales
June 23, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Customers today have many touch-points, as a marketer you need to ensure you are optimizing campaign success by ensuring your customers receive personalized and relevant content. One sure fire way to do this is to fuel your inbound leads so that their critical information quickly moves from your Marketing Automation...
Bridging the Gap with Customers Using Big Data
May 29, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
In the landscape of contemporary marketing, big data analytics is taking center stage. As technology continues to expand its reach, marketers are provided new opportunities - powered by big data insights - to create more relevant and meaningful customer relationships.

But how do we access, analyze, and use all...
How to Improve Email Opens, Clicks and Sales
May 21, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Has your email marketing hit a lull?  Does it seem like you're just not getting quite the response you used to expect?  Are you struggling to release the untapped potential in your lists?  Then you owe it to yourself to catch this webinar on the essential elements that keep great...
The Best Outbound Lead Generation Strategies: Tips and tools to drive more leads and better leads
May 13, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Inbound marketing gets a lot of attention these days, but don't overlook the benefits and power of outbound direct marketing, especially for lead generation. Outbound marketing allows marketers to fish in the ponds that have the right audience for their message and to control lead volumes. With the right strategies...
The Principles of Demand: Key ingredients and benefits of a killer inbound marketing program
April 23, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
There's an inbound marketing revolution going on in businesses of every size and vertical.  It's a move toward convincing customers to come to you, drift into your orbit, and glide through your sales lead funnel organically.  It works because those customers know they need the products or services you sell,...
How to Make Every Customer Touch Point Count!
April 3, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Marketers today have access to some of the most powerful marketing and customer communication tools ever devised. With every message you send — no matter what the channel — you have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship and build loyalty. You also have the ability to really tick your customers...
Next-Level Content Marketing
March 25, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Nearly 90% of Target Marketing readers are using content marketing, but I bet for most of you that means whitepapers and blog posts, with perhaps an ebook thrown in. How can you take your content marketing and lead generation program to the next level? By taking advantage of the many...
Brunch & Learn: Direct Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
March 19, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Not every marketer can afford the mega data warehouse or a fully integrated campaign with all the flashy bells and whistles. Nonetheless, there are plenty of cutting-edge direct marketing strategies - including savvy content marketing tactics - that even the smallest budgets can afford to drive business forward.
Closing the Funnel: How Marketers Use Data and Attribution to Deliver Better Leads and Enable Sales
March 18, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
How do you finish a great SEM, inbound marketing, or content marketing strategy? Does the relationship and insight you've built with those leads stop when they call? Or do you pass phone conversation data on to be used in the sales cycle?

Join us to hear how top marketers...
Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Conference & Expo 2014
March 13, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
The teams at Direct Marketing IQ and Target Marketing are proud to offer the 2014 Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Conference & Expo, now available on-demand until 6/17/14.

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As in years past, sessions explore direct marketing...
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