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Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Conference & Expo 2014
March 13, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
The teams at Direct Marketing IQ and Target Marketing are proud to offer the 2014 Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Conference & Expo, now available on-demand until 6/17/14.

Click here today to check it out:

As in years past, sessions explore direct marketing...
Brunch & Learn: USPS 2014 – Uncertainties and Opportunities Mailers Need to Know
February 19, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Direct Mail has long been one of the most stable and effective marketing channels. But last year, mailers seemed to have a new rumor to worry about every month. Were we going to 5-day delivery? Would mail be delivered to fewer places, or take longer to get where it was...
Brunch & Learn: Direct Mail Trends and Practices That Increase Response
October 29, 2013 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Register for this free webinar to learn from the direct mail trends and practices that are sweeping the industry ... many of which will result in boosting your direct mail response. All of this latest marketing intelligence will come from the most extensive database of direct mail in the world....
Center for Biodiversity
Following Google and USPS Rules — and Still Profit
September 19, 2013 From Who's Mailing What! Report
Let's face it, if you're a business that relies on internet marketing and/or direct mail, Google and the U.S. Postal Service set the rules and we have to abide by them to survive ... err ... flourish. That's become more challenging in both spaces lately, not just because consumers and prospects often feel over-marketed to.
How to Amp Up Your Holiday e-Commerce Sales
September 17, 2013 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Online shoppers want more flexibility and control over their entire online retail experience. Improving customer service can help keep your customers happy and your register ringing.

In this lively webinar, you will learn how to create value for your customers during the 2013 holiday season and beyond....
Prospect Research for Fundraisers: The Essential Handbook
Prospect Research for Fundraisers: The Essential Handbook
July 24, 2013 From Bookstore

From essential overviews to how-to-search skills, this practical book gives development officers the tools to understand how to use prospect research in ways that best fit their goals for each stage of the fundraising cycle.

  • Provides practical insight to understand the best use of each prospect research tool and technique
  • Features a companion website with a variety of online tools to help readers implement key concepts
  • Part of the AFP Fund Development Series
Ask Without Fear!
Ask Without Fear!
May 6, 2013 From Bookstore

Is fundraising fun for you? Are your board members beating down your door with new donors that are ready to make a gift? If that’s not your reality yet, Ask Without Fear! by author, speaker, and fundraising expert Marc A. Pitman is for you!

In plain English, Marc:

  • Reveals how to take the fear out of asking for – and getting – large gifts!
  • Explains in a step-by-step, easy to remember process how to building authentic relationships with your donors – and help them connect with your cause in the way that matters most to them!
  • Identifies time-tested research tools to help you plan your fundraising campaign and get to know your donors, and more!

The Nonprofit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for Your Good Cause
The Nonprofit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for Your Good Cause
May 3, 2013 From Bookstore
This book provides a simple yet powerful framework for building support for your organization's mission and programs.
  • Includes cost-effective strategies and proven tactics for nonprofits 
  • An ideal resource for thriving during challenging times 
  • Fast, friendly, and realistic advice to help you navigate the day-by-day demands of any nonprofit
Integrated Marketing
4 Steps to a Flawless Marketing System
February 28, 2013 From Inside Direct Mail Weekly
The key to growing your small business consistently and sustainably is generating and converting the most leads possible. In order to accomplish this, you need to use an integrated marketing system that makes the most of direct mail and online marketing. There are four marketing steps you can take to build a flawless marketing system that creates lead after lead …
Design & Formats for Boosting Direct Mail Response cover NO CAPTION
3 Ways to Design Successful Postcards
February 28, 2013 From Inside Direct Mail Weekly
In the world of direct mail, sometimes it feels as if the postcard format is on trial, defending its basic two sides against the prosecution's long letter, freemium, brochure, buckslip and reply. While testing a postcard format, marketers may be surprised by its many benefits. Here's three key ways to design …
List and data
How to Improve the List Acquisition Process
February 28, 2013 From Inside Direct Mail Weekly
In a tough economy and competitive media marketplace, list managers are getting squeezed on more than margins. Every good list manager is not only committed to meeting their revenue goals, but also to protecting the integrity of their client's data. In recent years, this has become an even greater challenge due to elaborate special instructions brokers now include on their list orders. It's vital for list managers to …
5 Changes to 'Junk Mail' That Will Triple Response
October 11, 2012 From Inside Direct Mail Weekly
You know where I get the most junk mail? Mixed in with my snail mail at the office. Way too much B-to-B mail is junk mail in my opinion. But snail mail remains an indispensable marketing channel when used correctly …
J Crew
"Mail?! Isn't That Dead?"
October 11, 2012 From Paul Bobnak
"Mail? Isn't that dead?" That's the reaction I sometimes get from new friends when I talk about my job (well, part of it): analyzing direct mail. To answer that 'direct' question, let's take a dive into …
Design & Formats for Boosting Direct Mail Response
Design & Formats for Boosting Direct Mail Response
September 24, 2012 From Bookstore

“Design & Formats for Boosting Direct Mail Response” is dedicated to helping you get people in the door… or prospects into your mail piece. No matter how great your data, your campaign strategy or even your copywriting, if the design doesn’t work, then your latest mailing will flop.

Full of best practices from designers and copywriters for increasing response with design, color, typography, formats and components
Cross-Channel Fundraising Tips and Trends
Cross-Channel Fundraising Tips and Trends
August 21, 2012 From Bookstore

“Cross-Channel Fundraising Tips and Trends” is a high-level study of fundraising marketing, as we pulled endless amounts of data from our direct mail and email archives and are presenting the current fundraising trends, including comparisons of 2011 to 2010, as well as giving a glimpse of how 2012 is shaping up. You'll get:

• Direct mail and email stats and trends
• Winning techniques for premiums, freemiums and donor strings
• Multichannel fundraising best practices

And much more! 
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