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Profiles in Personalization: Banfield Pet Hospital Personally Shows It Cares

Profiles in Personalization: Banfield Pet Hospital Personally Shows It Cares March 26, 2015

For animal lovers, pets aren't just an animal in the house ... they're an important part of the family. Join Senior Content Editor Melissa Ward...

13 Tactics to Get Your Marketing Messages Read

Copywriting March 26, 2015

Are your marketing messages viewed on screen, on paper or both? Wherever they're seen, the No. 1 goal of your writer-designer team should be to...

A Jeweler’s Mailing Breaks All the Rules

Birnbaum March 24, 2015

A good envelope shouts, "OPEN ME NOW!" The fat blue carrier from "David Birnbaum, Private Jeweler Extraordinaire" did just that. Birnbaum's name and address on...

Keep It Real: Mail for Millennials

Eaux Claires Festival March 23, 2015

Alright, I have a huge confession to make: I'm a millennial. I'm so sorry. Like so many of those my age, I'm not a huge...

USPS Ends Click-N-Ship for Business App’s Standalone Support

USPS Logo March 20, 2015

In late April, around when the U.S. Postal Service may increase postage rates, the organization plans to stop supporting the "Click-N-Ship for Business" app and...

Amazon Wins Approval to Test Delivery Drones Outdoors

Amazon logo March 20, 2015

Federal regulators have given a green light to begin testing drones, but it will most likely take years before the online retailer can start...

Direct Mail Marketing Drives Response

Summer Gould March 19, 2015

Marketers everywhere are faced every day with many marketing channel choices. It's hard to know which ones will work best. When choosing your channels don't...

The Value of Print in an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Jonny Rowntree March 18, 2015

With more and more money being thrown at digital marketing every year, now is a great time to look at ways to maximize the impact...

Go for the Green: Prepare for Year-End Fundraising Today

Matt Hugg March 17, 2015

If you're on a June/July fiscal year, you need to make plans now for a strong year's end. That means updating your messaging that...

How Easy Do You Need to Make Your Donor’s Life?

Willis Turner March 16, 2015

Writing fundraising copy should be detailed and painstaking for you. Reading it should be fast and easy for your donor....