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Is Every Door Direct Mail Right for You?

Summer Gould July 24, 2014

Every Door Direct Mail is a service designed by the USPS to help businesses reach every address in a neighborhood. With a simplified form of...

Direct Mail Creative: A Tale of Two Mailings — Hot vs. Cold

Direct Mail Creative: A Tale of Two Mailings — Hot vs. Cold July 24, 2014

Two oversized mailings — one from Highlights for Children and the other from Lincoln — may look like they have lots in common. But...

How to Deliver Responsive, Real-Time Marketing in the Mail

Kesna Lawrence July 24, 2014

Philosopher Marshall McLuhan once famously stated, "The medium is the message." In today's world of responsive marketing, with its customized messages tailored to be consumed...

Gold Awards Flashback: The Nature Conservancy (2011 Grand Control of the Year)

July 24, 2014

As FundRaising Success gears up for the ninth annual Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence , take a look back at the 2011 Grand Control of...

Top 10 Categories With Most Direct Mail PDFs Viewed

July 24, 2014

The following Top 10 list is based on postal PDFs viewed by Who's Mailing What! members January2014 to June 2014: Insurance - Auto Fundraising...

Mailing List Survival Guide

Database & CRM July 23, 2014

Everyone who uses direct mail needs to know this. If shouting it from the top of a mountain would help, I'd do it. But writing...

'Old' Direct Mail Tactics Still Work to Acquire New Customers

Grand Circle Teaser July 23, 2014

What marketers used to call MGM—or Member-Get-A-Member—efforts are as old as the hills, but they're effective when done right. If you have happy customers who...

Postal Service's Click-N-Ship Causing Major Headaches for Sellers

USPS Logo July 22, 2014

Sellers are reporting major technical problems with the U.S. Postal Service's Click-N-Ship, a service they use to print online postage, with one avid user calling...

6 Ways to Strengthen the Heart of a Fundraising Letter

Willis Turner July 21, 2014

A great fundraising appeal or email can have many different variables. But a clear call to action must be a constant. So whatever else you...

Retailers Mail Style Guides to Entice Shoppers

FS0114_Paul_Bobnak July 21, 2014

Retailers such as Ann Taylor and J.Crew have refashioned their direct mail brochures as "style guides." Besides magazine-type content like interviews with celebrities, these print...