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Denny's Zinger: The M.O.T. Measurement of Economy

M.O.T October 24, 2014

Back in the last century, the way to sell kitsch—useless stuff bought on impulse—was to place a mail order ad in TV Guide. It...

6 Tips to Transform Ordinary Sales Copy Into an Extraordinary Sales Story

Pat Friesen Headshot October 23, 2014

When your assignment is to write email, direct mail, ad or collateral copy for a "commodity" product or service, look for ways to help your...

Medium-Sized Direct Mail Pieces Dominate Who's Mailing What! Offers

Direct Mail Envelope/Package Sizes October 23, 2014

Direct mail pieces with medium envelope/package sizes dominated the offers received by Who’s Mailing What! since 2010, averaging 71% each year.   One-third of...

Go Where Your Audience Is!

Go Where Your Audience Is! October 23, 2014

The mantra: “Go where your audience is!” is only part of the story. Go … but go with meaningful content and use the channel that... Acquires E-commerce Software Company

First Class mail decrease 091714 October 22, 2014

Package delivery is the future for the U.S. Postal Service, its representatives say. The same is true for a close partner of the USPS,

The Fastest Way to Ruin Your Appeal Letter

Gail Perry October 22, 2014

Be explicit, don't beat around the bush, get to the point and be clear in your fundraising appeal letter. You'll raise more money if you...

Are Drone Deliveries the Future of Online Shipping?

Maria Haggerty October 21, 2014

While the quest for faster shipping is an ongoing struggle for retailers and fulfillment companies, it's unlikely that drones or anticipatory shipping alone will be...

Denny's Zinger: E-Marketers! Think Like a Direct Mailer!

Bad Email October 17, 2014

E-commerce wizards believe direct mail is slow and cumbersome. It takes time to write, design, print, address, insert, pay postage and mail. It is also...

Stand Out With Texture

Summer Gould October 16, 2014

How can you get your direct mail to stand out in the mailbox? Have you considered using texture? Coatings do more than just protect the...

A Tale of 4 Acquisition Efforts

Best Friends Animal Society OE October 16, 2014

When I open an envelope, I want to quickly grasp what it is I am being "offered" — what problem can I solve if I...