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Denny’s Daily Zinger: Dithering, Dippy, Despicable Democrats!

Dem Letter Zinger September 18, 2014

Disclaimer: I voted for Obama for president—twice. Peggy and I each sent his campaign some money. That said, I now despise Democrats. I received...

What I Did on My Summer Vacation!

September 18, 2014

The universal challenge for marketers is getting the email opened! Obviously, the "From" line, "Subject" line, and testing were major topics of conversation. However, we...

B-to-B: ‘6 Email Marketing Questions You’ve Been Dying to Ask’

Q&A September 17, 2014

B-to-B email marketing messages require a more conservative approach than B-to-C communications, according to a whitepaper announced on Tuesday. "6 Email Marketing Questions You've Been...

4 Tips That Will Get You Out of Email Jail

Mark Brown September 16, 2014

Few things scare people more than a run in with the law, and email marketers have had their fair share of terror over the...

USPS Delivers – Groceries

AmazonFresh logo September 15, 2014

The U.S. Postal Service has rules about sending food through the mail. "Mailable perishable matter can be sent at the mailer's own risk," the USPS...

Why Amazon Should Buy a Bankrupt RadioShack

Amazon logo September 15, 2014

Investors are giving a nod of approval to news Monday that RadioShack's chief financial officer has stepped down amid flagging sales. However, one analyst has...

eBay Crashes Like it's 1999

eBay logo September 15, 2014

eBay sellers woke up to more bad news on Sunday morning when they discovered the latest outage hitting eBay's global marketplaces. Buyers and sellers were...

Denny’s Daily Zinger: When Supposedly Smart People Send Out Gibberish

zinger gibberish September 11, 2014

For 68 years, I have made my living using the English language. From 1985 B.I.E. (Before the Internet Era), when prose made sense. Experienced supervisors...

Build Content Smarter, Not Harder

Stages of Modern Marketing September 11, 2014

There's an old adage in the industry that goes "I know that 50 percent of my marketing is working, but I don't know which 50...

The All-Important Preheader!

The All-Important Preheader! September 11, 2014

With more than 50% of emails being viewed on mobile devices and tablets, the preheader on HTML emails has become key in helping increase open...