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This One’s On Us: Sheetz Grabs Attention With Giveaway

Pavlov's Poppers March 26, 2015

It has to be at least a whole year since I last set foot in a Sheetz gas station and convenience store. Once upon a...

Opt-out Email Marketing Debuts in My Yahoo Search Results

Heather Fletcher LLBean notice in Yahoo March 26, 2015

I'm not complaining. I'll say that right away. However, I was a bit surprised on Tuesday to see a notification on the page above my...

13 Tactics to Get Your Marketing Messages Read

Copywriting March 26, 2015

Are your marketing messages viewed on screen, on paper or both? Wherever they're seen, the No. 1 goal of your writer-designer team should be to...

Vitamin/Supplement Emails Hit Inboxes Early, While Political Organizations Prefer Evening Hours

Top 5 WMW Categories by Time of Day Chart March 26, 2015

No matter what time of day, retailers and publishers continued to dominate the emails received by Who’s Mailing What! in 2014. Political and social action...

Denny's Zinger: The Nasty, Smartypants Subject Line

The Nasty, Smartypants Subject Line March 25, 2015

Email is tough. With junk mail, envelopes come in all sizes with glorious illustrations and teasers that grab you by the throat. "Subject lines and...

Amazon Tests Drones, Shoebox-Sized Packages Await Results

Amazon Octocopter March 24, 2015

Summer 2015 may be the season of self-driving cars from Tesla, trigger-based emails from marketing automation providers and package-delivering drones from Amazon. Two of those...

Prepare for Takeoff: Next-Generation Marketplace is Ready to Change the Game

Mark Vandegrift, ChannelAdvisor March 24, 2015

It's a bird, it's a plane … it's Flying high and ready to disrupt the e-commerce world, Jet is a revolutionary marketplace that's taking a...

5 Ways to Up Qualified Leads Via Email

Mobile email March 23, 2015

Even with all of the new marketing technologies and tactics available, email remains a critical device in marketing's never-ending quest to supply sales with the...

3 Ways to Make Storytelling the Core of Your Email Marketing Strategy

Marie Honme, Yes Lifecycle Marketing March 23, 2015

Email marketing can be an ideal vehicle for delivering story-based messages to audiences. When integrated with other channels, the use of stories in email...

Subject Lines in Sheeps' Clothing: A Go or a No?

Dani Cantor March 22, 2015

I'm sure you've seen it, if not used it yourself: Marketing emails wearing a friendly disguise, boasting "RE:" or "FW:" in their subject lines, usually...