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Perfecting the Landing Page Image only
3 Keys to Get the Landing Page Conversion
August 4, 2011 From Inside Direct Mail Weekly
Think of the work it takes converting a visitor to a customer as similar to baking a batch of the perfect award-winning chocolate chip cookies. For your award-winning cookies, you need to first identify all of the right ingredients, and then gather, measure and mix those high-quality ingredients in just the right quantity and in the right order. Mismeasure the flour, or settle for a lower quality grade of chocolate, and you're headed straight down the path to mediocrity.
Cracking the QR Code image only
QR Codes: Passing Fad ... or Wave of the Future?
August 4, 2011 From Inside Direct Mail Weekly
Perhaps QR Codes are that new bridge for consumers for offers, as they can be more personalized and relevant through mobile devices. "Right now, these devices are smarter than we are," says Susan Kelly, vice president of communciation management services for Xerox. "How do I use a QR Code to really connect [for prospects] when they really want to know something? How can I connect it with my product, my service, and be able to leverage that? It's very compelling."
The Art & Science of Multichannel Fundraising
Multichannel Fundraising: Improving Your Direct Mail Manners!
July 14, 2011 From Inside Direct Mail Weekly
There's no "one size fits all" set of best practices when it comes to direct mail programs. So much depends on the size of your budget and what type of program you're managing. Programs with heavy use of free gifts and premiums are wired very differently from those with few or no premium offers, for example.
Direct Mail Marketing Trends for Magazine Publishers
October 14, 2010 From Inside Direct Mail Weekly
Magazines have long been among the most sophisticated users of direct mail (for the very latest look at trends, into both direct mail and email marketing by magazines, along with extensive analysis, see DirectMarketingIQ's just released Magazine Publishing Industry Sector Report). Many fine copywriters and designers cut their teeth on subscription packages and developed giant reputations as a result of their ability to sell subscriptions through this channel.
Directory of Major Mailers
Directory of Major Mailers
March 18, 2010 From Bookstore
2011 Edition of Major Mailers is your insider’s guide to the companies spending over $50 Billion in direct mail efforts. If you are a supplier of direct mail or email services, the Directory of Major Mailers (print edition or online) will be your path to new business and success. Claim your share today!
Direct Mail Pal
Direct Mail Pal
January 20, 2010 From BookStore
If you’re going to read one book on direct mail, this comprehensive yet accessible book is it. A smart, thorough exploration of the world of...
The Business of Database Marketing
The Business of Database Marketing
December 16, 2009 From BookStore
The Business of Database Marketing covers all the bases for the typical business reader. It even includes a catalog of the 37 “Best Practices” and...
Who's Charging What
Who's Charging What!
December 15, 2009 From Bookstore
Who's Charging What! -- Your Guide to Direct Marketing Creative Services gives you complete facts on top copywriters, agencies, designers, and consultants, providing you with...
The White Paper Marketing Handbook
The White Paper Marketing Handbook
April 3, 2009 From BookStore
As consumers become more resistant to direct sales appeals, white papers are increasingly alluring. This exciting new book is the first to tell marketers across...
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