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Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Conference & Expo
March 12, 2015 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk 2015 | March 12, 2015

The team at Direct Marketing IQ and Target Marketing is proud to present the Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Conference & Expo,...
How I Made $100 Million Focusing on the U.S. Hispanic Market: Easy Tips for Successful Strategies
March 12, 2015 From Webinars & Virtual Events
This is just one of the great sessions that's available for free, via the 2015 Direct Marketing Day@Your Desk Virtual Conference & Expo - live on 3/12/15! Read on for more details about this particular webinar, and click below to register for the show, or to get more information about...
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Whole Foods Email Is Part of New Loyalty Strategy
February 26, 2015 From Who's Mailing What! Report
I’m fortunate to live in the Philadelphia area, considered by many experts to be one of the most competitive supermarket regions of the country. My keychain is proof of that, with mini-cards from all of the major and minor retailers, save one: Whole Foods Market. That changed last week with my most recent shopping trip.
Old School SEO is Dead: What you can do to adapt to Google and the new world of search marketing
February 25, 2015 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Over the past several years, Google has introduced major updates to their search algorithm. As a result, many "traditional" search engine optimization (SEO) tactics simply do not work anymore.

And if you're still using these "old school" SEO tactics, you're wasting your time and money.  Even worse, you're likely...
7 Key Marketing Trends for 2015
January 27, 2015 From Webinars & Virtual Events
More channels, more technologies and more demanding customers. With marketing shifting to keep up with the ever-evolving buyer journey, it's challenging for marketers to stay on top of the latest trends and tactics you need to enhance the customer experience.

In this webinar, Laurie Hood will outline...
Online Advertising New Year's Resolutions: Organize, Optimize and Automate for Success in 2015
January 20, 2015 From Webinars & Virtual Events
'Tis the season to set your resolutions for the new year. Have your digital advertising campaigns become overweight and unmanageable? Are you finding that you don't have time to manage all the tedious details of Pay-per-click and display advertising? Worse yet, have you lost focus for your campaigns' goals? ...
Email Mixology: Balancing Demand Gen and Demand Response
December 3, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Email marketing is known as one of the most effective channels out there for demand response marketing. From chasing up abandoned carts, responding to activity in other channels and targeting offers based on subscriber profile data, email is the perfect 1-2-1 channel that reaches almost the entire online population, is...
Webinar Express: The 3 Keys to Marketing Transformation
November 17, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
If your marketing feels stuck in the stone age and your view of the customer is muddy, here's how to transform your ROI with a clearer view of your customers and everything you know about them.

Learn 3 Business Benefits of:
Integrating marketing systems to have a...
Jeremy Zimmerman
Welcome to the 7th Era: Content Marketing Master Class NYC Looks Forward
November 13, 2014 From DirectMarketingIQ Insider

I just got back from my first Content Marketing Master Class—Nov. 10's NYC event—and I am beyond thrilled about the possibilities for the CM world! Everything has changed, and keeps continuing to change, and the speakers that the Content Marketing Institute lined up for the day were absolutely on point about how it's time to change or be changed by the seismic shifts happening in the marketing world.

Identifying Benchmarks and Using Analytics to Drive Digital Magazine Growth
November 11, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Digital magazines have enabled publishers to measure audience engagement and content performance with a level of sophistication that was unfathomable in print. Yet many publishers are not taking the time to review key analytics and make improvements that will increase audience engagement and drive revenue. Based on proprietary data from...
Brunch & Learn: 7 Email Tests to Run Today (and Tomorrow)
November 4, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Marketers have been preaching the importance of A/B testing for years. The ease of getting instant data from tests to boost campaign performance is a main perk of working in digital marketing. Unfortunately, we don't all always practice what we preach. Deadlines and last-minute edits sometimes get in the way,...
Standing Out in Social Media: How to be heard when Facebook and Twitter control the microphone
October 23, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Reaching your own followers on social media without paying extra for "promoted posts" is getting harder than ever. Facebook has famously decimated organic reach for brand pages. Now Twitter says they're going to start applying an algorithm to its feed. And, of course, Instagram is owned by Facebook, so it...
7 Ways to Tailor Content to Prospects and Customers
October 8, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
To be successful in today's buyer-driven world, marketers must deliver relevant and engaging content throughout every step along the path to purchase. Unfortunately, too many marketers are still stuck managing simple drip nurture programs - sending out "a one size fits all" newsletter or product announcement every few weeks.
Webinar Express: How to Match Your B2B Content to Your Sales Funnel
October 6, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
It's often challenging for B2B marketers to identify where leads are in the sales cycle and how to determine when and what kind of content/offers those leads would best respond to.
In this rapid-fire webinar, leading authority on Internet direct marketing, Reggie Brady provides B2B marketers with a plan...
The 5 Steps to Profit with Google AdWords
September 16, 2014 From Webinars & Virtual Events
Paid search is the Othello of marketing channels: A minute to learn, a lifetime to master. That accessibility, and a few early, easy sales, can make it seem like child's play. But it's not. And the more of its strategy you master, the more rewarding it will be to your...
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